Chris Christie Caught on Hot Mic Before New Hampshire Town Hall

As speculation about his future in the presidential race swirled, Chris Christie was caught on a hot mic on his campaign’s livestream in a conversation before his scheduled event in Windham, N.H., discussing his Republican rivals in the race.

“She’s going to get smoked, and you and I both know it,” Mr. Christie said in the conversation, presumably referring to Nikki Haley, the former governor of South Carolina. “She’s not up to this.”

He noted that “she spent $68 million, just on TV, spent $68 million so far,” which is roughly the total that Ms. Haley and her allies have spent on television advertising in the race.

Mr. Christie continued: “Fifty-nine million by DeSantis, and we spent 12. I mean, who’s punching above their weight, and who’s getting a return on their investment?”

Mr. Christie then said that “DeSantis called me, petrified.”

A person replied by speculating that Mr. DeSantis was “probably getting out after Iowa.”

The audio on the livestream cut out after a few minutes, and in midsentence. The video stream was taken down moments later.

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